Tuesday, November 4, 2008

OK, three things:

First: I feel silly and all because I promissed to publish and I didn't, sorry everybody, I have been a lazy person, but I'll try to publish a little bit more (I said TRY so don't have it guaranteed).

Seccond: I created an e-mail account so anyone can add me to messenger or send me some mails, it is afaonaro@hotmail.es , this is not my main adress so I won't be allways checking it, but I'll try to do it often (when I remember and feel like doing it).

Third: I once said that my two blogs would be only one, and that they would show the same information but in different languages, well, that was dumb, and I will not do that, because it is difficult, and i don't like to write the same things twice, so only some posts will be in both of them.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

I'm NOT placing a title in this entry because it is not much of an entry, it's more like a "hello there, I'm back" thing, because I haven't written here for months, but I promise not to stopr writing if i can handle it.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Oh! and by the way, tomorrow I start exams, and that means only one thing, A LOT OF FREE TIME TO THINK ABOUT WHAT TO POST! yes! that's right! I surely will be posting a lot of things this week and the next one.

That would be me taking my tomorrow's exam

This would be important to read:

Hi everybody, as you know, I live in Mexico, and so, many of my friends have asked things like "why do you write in english?" or "are you stupid?". I will NOT answer the last one, but the first one is a good question, which I wont answer either, instead of that, I'm using another blog I have, that is in spanish, to translate what I write here.

So people, if you speak spanish, you will have problems no more, I will place the link in the right part of this blog for everyone to see and hope you are satisfied with my recent resolution.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

A letter from 4 british bugs

Here's a letter I found in my archives, and that I think I should share to the world, but I couldn't find him, so I placed it on the internet, hoping he would see it by mistake.

Dear Prudence:

Hello, good bye is not good to start a letter with, unless you want to leave it all for the yesterday; I'm writing from the octopus's garden, you know, the one that is just across the universe.

We got here thanks to Dr. Robert, he is such a crazy old man, hope to be like him when i'm sixty four, he gave us a ride on his spaceship "the Yellow Submarine", it's SOOOOOOO cool, the only thing I really hated about the journey was this annoying friend of him, her name was Julia, and she would not stop shouting "i'm the walrus!!!!!", she kept doing it for a whole day in my life! I swear to god that she needs some kind of help!

By the way! I've just seen a face! and it's not only a face! oh, no, she is so heavy, I can't even stand when I see her, they call her sexy Sadie, and for some reason!

The thing I don't like about her is that she is always thinking about revolution, and you know that I'm not very into that, so don't worry, I won't cheat on you.

Well, now that we are finally here, I'm gonna put up the show, with a little help of my friend of course, that's why we did come together all the way from Liverpool, the show is gonna be great! a total hit! imagine it! MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR! doesn't it sound wonderful?

We've even got music for it! yes! a band called "Sgt. Pepper's lonely hearts club band", they accepted to do the music for us if the show was being for the benefit of Mr. Kite, an old crippled man who really needs our help.

What more can I say? OH! of course! how are Teddy boy and the lovely Rita? hope they are quite right, and big!

Please tell Jude and Martha, my dear, that they are NOT allowed to drive my car!

Well, gotta go, Here comes the sun and I have not slept tonight, Remember that I want to hold your hand as soon as possible and good bye.

Love it, or shove it
Your Beloved Maxwell Silverhammer

P.S.: you won't see me in a long time, but don't worry for me.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Why I am sure aliens have not come to earth:

Haha, still not studying, the thing is this, i'm sure than at least a hundred times you've heard something like "aliens are here!!!" or maybe something more original like "I was abducted by an alien, he ate my face, raped me, licked my feet and left me sleeping in my bed looking exactly the same I looked before", and when you kindly ask for proofs, they get all defensive and even a little aggressive.

To all that people, I want to tell you that what you've said where lies, because aliens don't even want to come to earth, and here are some reasons:

If they come to experiment on us:
1.- they could have already created a human farm in their planet, what kind of creature can travel trough space but not have a farm
2.- considering that all abductions where true, they have "experimented" on almost a million freak-faced people, and they always do the same experiment, they should be bored to death by now.
3.- considering it is not the same experiment, some experiments would have failed leaving horrible scars or other side effects, but maybe, the side effects are molten faces, if thats the case, maybe all the experiments went bad.

If they come to tell us something:
1.- they are pretty bad communicators, I mean, PLEASE, WE DON'T UNDERSTAND YOUR FREAKIN' CIRCLES, maybe they should teach us to read before writing to us.
2.- why can't they do like the politicians and throw up a speech in front of a million people and TV's.

If they want war:
1.- they would have killed us like thirty years ago

If they are on a vacation:
1.- what kind of vacation would it be if you have to stay hidden from the natives
2.- this point comes in form of a chat between two of them (looks like one is the father and the other one is a teenage son)
"hey dad! where are we going on the vacation?"
"I don't know teenage son, what do you think of venus?"
"well, I don't know, the gasses are great, but it's not in any more"
"and the earth?"
"GREAT! I love playing hide n' seek, breathing all the poison gases they throw to the atmosphere and eating all that junk food they sell!"
"ok, i'll prepare the ship"

If they are naturalists:
1.- this would be a horrible planet, so why would a hippie alien want to come?

The most probable thing is that they are seriously sick and are humanphilic (that like to have sex with humans), and so they come and rape people, but then, it would be disgusting to think about the scene.

Those are my reasons, and if you have any opinion, let me hear it.

thanks and good bye

Exams: The history behind the nightmare

Today I found myself sitting in my not-very-comfortable chair, in front of my computer, asking myself why the hell am I in my house and not outside?, and the answer came right after the question, on monday I have a physics exam, YES, I study engineering, or at least I pretend to study, because it is not as if I where really studying haha.

Anyway, I decided to let go a little bit and write a little bit about what I think of exams here.

I don't know who was the person who came up with the witty idea of making an exam to prove how much we know about whatever the exam is about, but i'm pretty sure that it was the same person who discovered that a knife was really useful if you wanted to kill someone.

This person, who I am going to name Mr. X. M. only because I like the sound of those letters together, surely grew up in a non friendly environment, and when transformed in a fully grown adult, he decided to ruin the lives of everybody's children, he thought and thought, days and nights, during a whole year! and one day, he came up with his horrible idea.

He got a job as a teacher in the elementary school in which he had studied so many years ago, and worked really hard, until he got to be the principal, once he was there, he created the exam, and told everyone that exams where great, that they would help them know how much did the kids learn.

Years later, teachers are still convinced that exams are the only way to know if you know, and so, they keep making exams, and kids of all ages keep failing.

Thats the true story about exams, and now, i'm going to continue studying.

Thank you, and good bye